SavaGe Wedding Set’s

Some how this year a lots of my friend got married, not all of them a psytrance lovers but there is a few, so this year was very busy for me. i got many invitations to play at weddings event,

How it’s all start?

the first wedding i got was Shlomi And Noya, at Alexsander Wedding Hall that was a hell of a wedding the crowd was young people, they was very pumped and drunk having a great time for the new couple, that was a very exciting to see all the friend having a good time together. paytrance rule this wedding.

After this wedding i got few call some of the friends from Shlomi & Noya wedding like what they see and invite me to play psytrance at there own event. the calls keep coming that was a very busy summer time. i love to take a part at the best day of a new couple i feel so close to them even if we don’t know etc other much.

Wishing myself to continue to receive wedding invitations from young couples, so if you having a weeding soon and you like Psytrance music Consider inviting me to play at your wedding event, we are going to turn the place from wedding to crazy after party, are you ready for this?

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