Must say after i took part a few times on her stream, she is a very entertaining girl. She screams, shouts, drinks and getting high with her audience so its was very fun. After i saw what she is doing i offered her to collaborate with 3p Records by giving her the rights to free play our music when she is plays, and keep her updated with our last tunes and what will come out in the future.

Niki is a very known parson around my studio, we work together on projects make graphic arts and even play ps4 together. I remember a specific project that we worked on a very main part of the track… that was awosome very fun evening. Niki is my best ps4 partner, we going online a lot and having good fun.

I hope we can take this partnership to another level, i think it will do good for as both…. waitin’ for the next ps4 time sms… love you Niki it was a pleasure.

Take your self on a trip to QueenNiki World, i like it and finally i can say that i watch game tv.