New Web Design is here..

We got our new Wed design, we hope you like it. we are have many news for you, more artist are join the family those days, we have many new releases for you this upcoming month.

We are growing, we have few new artists, we are going to share the new names soon here, join our mailing list to stay tune and get all the new releases to your inbox.

2019 was a very creative year for us, we have new youtube channel, our Instagram Page are very popular, you are more then welcome join us there.

We get lots of new application by new and fresh artist, we know that is going slow but we promise to back to you all, we have so many to cover but we are on it. we love the response we got from you, we are all ways welcome new music and fresh stuff, please keep it coming we are happy to take part of you creation and help you guys to grow, there is a few more places and many artist on the line please send us your best stuff we are about to close the registration for new artist soon.

peace and love..

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