SavaGe Goa For Noa

Goa For Noa

SavaGe Goa For Noa
SavaGe - Goa For Noa
SavaGe - Goa For Noa

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Single Story

Music taking a very big part of my life, as expected. so many of my friends are musicians to, Aviel Abulafia is one of them. we have a lots of studio hours together, this track start with an amazing Goa lead that Aviel came up with and from there we just keep it going. very catchy lead that makes that track something that i all ways love.

Artist: SavaGe
Label: 3P Records
Release Date: August 24, 2018
Genres: Psytrance
People: Ori Chen

More Releases

Savage - Smakraba

Smakraba it's a very uniqe project for me, it was created in a summer of 2018, this project start as a small main loop that i create.


SavaGe ÒscillÅtor ŠcØpeÒscillÅtor ŠcØpe was inspired by, Jerobeam Fenderson this guys is so crazy, his making music on oscillator scope, to be honest the vocals on this track 


SavaGe ft Bar Tzabary - MoroccoPsytrance music was the latest thing i think when we made this track, the story begin when me and my 2 boys Aviel & Bar setting at the studio.


SavaGe OHM Kali

This project start as me searching for some samples, and encounter with this amazing vocal that i use in this project,


Soundcloud Review

Beautiful track we have here, Congratulations!

Hércules Dj7

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