Artist Recruitment

We open our gates and hunting for new, fresh and unique psytrance artists, producers and Dj’s To be part in our vision and join our new musical family.

First of all we need to be clear about the selection we’re doing, not all the music style fits our label, but we love them all, there are many good artist out there with really bad habits, not taking there profession seriously, and make many mistakes along the way, this is where we are taking control and take care your image and appearance online.

Most of all we appreciate originality. originality especially relevant, please pick the demo your going to send carefully.

We need your girl, we want to add new girl to our family, if you know any Dj, or Producer girl, searching for home, please let her know that we are searching for her.

Other options if you guys listen to uniq artist recently please take a sec and send us link to his online music, we’re find the way to contact him.

Due to our tour on this psychedelic world, seems like we are finally succeeded to bring our dream to life and we start here.
Please feel free to SUBMIT YOUR MUSIC which we’ll listen to and get back to you all.

3p Records claim since 2014.

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