Ori was born in 1984
I discovered my passion for electronic music when i was 13 years old and i herd for the first time a psychedelic trance session which were very popular back then.

One of my first memories and maybe the one who lighted the spark was when a friend let me listen to an amateur psytrance track that he made on "Reason". Five mutinous later I worked on my first bass...

That was the first day in school for me and for next few years I was studying searching and creating music on the good old "Reason" and when I was ready i discovered Cubase. Like everything I ever learned in my life I learned the cubase pretty match by myself at home, and six months

later I've decided to take my knowledge to the next level... And there in the heart of that decision I've met Yariv Ezion the founder of BPM music school. That meeting became a corner stone in my life because for the first time I was learning from one of the best people in business.

I've studied sound and music production at BPM for a year, my personal tutor was shay from "VILOT VISION" a real life legend who gave me a lot and contribute to my development as an artist. And last but not least.. Eviatar the sound teacher that showed me a new spectrum of sound and opened my ears to a new world.

In the next few years I dedicated my time to hard work and seine then to this day I create and and i perform... Second album is coming up..

artist name
artist name Smakraba
SavaGe ft Bar Tzabary
SavaGe - Moroccoc
SavaGe ft Bar Tzabary SavaGe - Moroccoc
ÒscillÅtor ŠcØpe
ÒscillÅtor ŠcØpe
Ohm Kali
Ohm Kali
SavaGe - Dancing Devil Single
SavaGe - Dancing Devil Single

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SavaGe - Smakraba Comment

Love the 3rd step bass line actual the best psytrance bassline pattern to ever exist


SavaGe - New Karma

I feel the powerrr of this bassss :O tonssss of powerness kkkk


SavaGe - OHM Kali


Gonzatti Music ✅

SavaGe - Marocco ft Bar Tzabary

Cool work! Reposted and shared in our twitter! -The X

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