Psytrance scene are here for long time now the big change happen I think at 1992 when Israelis artists start to inspire the goatrance scene worldwide with a uniq style of sounds. many Goa hits release back then from Israel and played across the world.

today with a really massive digital release its getting hard to find good music, this is way we create this label company our Vision is create artist family and bring you the best of psytrace & electronic music produced on earth 3p Records Claim since 2014 psytrance is our world we live breath eat sleep psytrance we are here to take you on a 3p trough our vision for the next consciousness state with our talent feature artist such as: SavaGe, Black Monkey, Roketto and more.


Savage - Dancing Devil
Savage - Dancing Devil
Savage - Dancing Devil


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Psytrance Artist Recruitment

We open our gates and hunting for new, fresh and unique psytrance artistsproducers and dj’s. to take part in our vision and join our new musical family. most of all we appreciate originality. originality especially relevant, please pick the demo your going to send carefully.a

due to our tour on this psychedelic world, seems like we are finally succeeded to bring our dream to life and we start here.
Please feel free to SUBMIT YOUR MUSIC which we’ll listen to and get back to you all.

3p Records claim since 2014.


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